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(continued from Home page)

Australia 1977-1983

New South Wales Adult Literacy Council and volunteer tutor 1979-83

California again

Author in the schools 1984 on (photo by John A. Ramos, Jr)
Christmas 1985
Innkeeping, North Carolina 1994-1999

Family 2017

Two of us are no longer here


...with his Hobie 16
...with his first grandchild
...with me
discussing sports, politics, the stock market, world affairs...or maybe lunch plans

John D. Miller


...after twelve years of courageously, uncomplainingly, and successfully battling a recurring cancer,
he died of pneumonia on May 5, 2000.

DAVID... 17
Princeton Graduation--1989--with brother John
David and Colleen--married 1995 the thick of things
with Jack
with Jonah--October 2001

David W. Miller

...brilliant, tender, goofy; on the verge of an outstanding career in journalism;
married to a beautiful young woman he respected and loved;
adoring father of two funny, affectionate, creative little boys;
full of love and laughter...

killed by a drunk driver on January 6, 2002.


promise yourself and David, and all of us who share the roads with you,
that from now on, whenever you drink, you will not get behind the wheel of a car. Period.
No excuses. No "just this once won't hurt."
Your promise won't give David back the fifty plus years of laughter and learning and love he should have had, but it could save your life...or someone else's.