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Fiction/9-11 year olds
Accompanied by an irrepressible eight-year-old girl, two twelve-year-old boys are hurled unexpectedly into the future and get a glimpse of a world they want no part of. Will they be able to overcome their dislike of each other and find a way back to the present? Will they be able to make the future "come out better"? And what if one of them is left behind...?
Accused of a murder he did not commit, fifteen-year old Matt McKendrick struggles to prove his innocence to a city full of strangers and to two police detectives assigned to his case. Now available as a e-Book from B&N and Amazon.
Re-entering the world of school and strangers and dreading the unaswerable question, "Aren't you the one who killed a little girl and got away with it?", sixteen-year-old Matt McKendrick finds friendship and hostility in unexpected places.
To show strangers who still hate him that they can't make him quit, Matt is determined to win the Runner of the Year award. His strongest rival is a black runner as good as he is. Only one of them can win the award, and only one does.
Steeling himself against the agonies of returning to his home town where memories of his lost family can no longer be buried, Matt spends a tumultuous summer working on a guest ranch with four of his closest friends and one of his oldest enemies.
Fiction/YA/Short Story
An old murder and the people involved in it reappear suddenly in the present, forcing 16-year-old Zach and his father to try to right an old wrong. The consequences are both unforeseen and disastrous. Printed in the collection SHORT CIRCUITS edited by Donald Gallo, November 1992.
Article written for the ALAN Review on why I write, where I get my ideas, and why reading and books are so vitally important in today's world.

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Watch out, World! Two twelve-year-old boys and an eight-year-old girl are planning to change the future, and they aren't alone...


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